How We’ll Boost Your ACT® Writing Scores

At our Baton Rouge Prep Camp, we’ll help prepare you to write a killer essay that will help you score well on the ACT® Writing Test.  Here’s how we do it:

  • We help you refine your essays to meet all the standards that the test readers are looking for when they grade your writing.  Before you can succeed on your ACT Writing test, you have to know what the test readers want to see, and we teach you exactly that, then practice it over and over until it becomes second-nature to you.
  • By the end of Baton Rouge Prep Camp, you’ll have written three full ACT Writing Test essays as well as a score of smaller essays preparing you to pull it all together.  After each ACT Writing Test, we score your essay and give you coaching to make it better.
  • You get a copy of ACT Writing Mastery as part of your enrollment.  In this book, you’ll get tons of practice on writing ACT essays and meeting the standards laid out for the ACT Writing Test.
  • Every week you’ll learn a new, high-impact test-taking technique that can change the way you take the ACT Writing test.
  • In six weeks, you’ll  be on your way to a higher score on the ACT Writing Test.


Looking to apply?  Baton Rouge Prep Camp spots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  Click here to check availability and fill out your application.

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