How We’ll Boost Your ACT® Science Scores

Our Baton Rouge Prep Camp uses a proprietary curriculum developed by Craig Gehring to boost your ACT® Science Test scores.  At Baton Rouge Prep Camp:

  • Since the majority of the ACT Science Test has to do with reading charts and graphs, interpreting data, and analyzing experiments, we do everything we can to help you master these concepts and improve your ACT Science Test scores.
  • By the end of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp, you’ll have taken three full ACT Science Tests.  These are actually complete run-throughs of previous ACT Science tests.  After you take each Science test, we score them and help you with the specific areas that you had trouble with.
  • You get a copy of ACT Science Mastery as part of your enrollment in the Baton Rouge Prep Camp, which means that you’ll be well on your way to mastering the science vocabulary and data interpretation skills that you need to succeed on the ACT Science Test.
  • Every week you’ll learn a new, high-impact test-taking technique that can change the way you take the ACT Science test.
  • You’ll learn the secret to maximizing your efficiency during testing and avoiding blanking out or getting confused during complicated science passages.
  • We can’t teach you twelve years of science classes in six weeks, but we can definitely help you improve and raise your scores by helping you to master the science skills that you most need to succeed on the ACT.

Students commonly improve their composite ACT scores by three or more points by the end of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp.

Looking to apply?  Baton Rouge Prep Camp spots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  Click here to check availability and fill out your application.

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