How the Baton Rouge Prep Camp Will Boost Your Scores

Baton Rouge Prep Camp was developed by Craig Gehring, who made perfect scores on both the ACT® and SAT®.  In his book, SAT ACT Mastery, Craig Gehring explains the secrets behind his perfect scores.  Less than a year after publishing his book, Craig was approached to develop a curriculum based on the concepts covered in SAT ACT Mastery.  The Baton Rouge Prep Camp was born!

Our camp is based on a few key concepts:

  • It takes a lot of practice to increase your scores on the ACT.  It can’t happen overnight.  The ACT is measuring how well you learned the material you’ve studied in school.  That’s happened over the course of years.  So you can’t expect to just catch up in a few weeks.  So instead of trying to teach you a little bit of everything, an Baton Rouge Prep Camp session works over a principle until you’ve mastered it.
  • We believe that every student can master a subject.  He or she just needs to be given the time and help necessary.
  • Our camps provide tons of test experience.  During your six weeks enrolled on the Baton Rouge Prep Camp, you’ll be taking three full practice tests.  This gives you a huge opportunity to improve your scores and get familiar with the material covered on the ACT.
  • Small group tutoring.  Each week our administrators analyze the performance of the students enrolled on the camp to determine exactly what needs to be taught in the next session to maximize their scores.  And with two tutors and a certified teacher in each class, there are enough people to tailor the instruction to repair deficiencies.  Our system treats each student as an individual, not as a number or a class.
  • And we didn’t even mention the workbooks yet.  When you enroll in the ACT Prep Camp, you receive five workbooks – one for each subject.  These workbooks were developed by Craig Gehring to help you master different subjects that are tested for on the ACT, and to become more confident and faster with concepts you already understand.  In between each Saturday session, you do a little work from each workbook each day.  The end result is that you’ll cover at least twice as much ground as other similar test prep courses.  Each session, there is time to get your questions answered about anything covered in the workbooks.

Read more about how Baton Rouge Prep Camp can boost your scores in each of the following subjects:






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