About Our Curriculum

The ACT® Mastery curriculum which Baton Rouge Prep Camp uses was developed by Craig Gehring, a student who made perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT.

The curriculum is based on the concept that students need repetition of basics in order to achieve mastery, and that increasing speed and certainty on what the student already knows can help him score better on the ACT just as much or more than covering material that’s new to him or her.

Each workbook takes up key concepts and vocabulary tested on the ACT and hammers them home to the student through a series of questions of gradually increasing difficulty.  The end result is that the student actually remembers what he’s learned all the way up to and past test time.

Each workbook has frequent review questions that reinforce what has already been gone over.

No workbook series can cover every single thing that has been taught through the course of a secondary education, but our curriculum strives to cover the most important parts, the ones most likely to come up on the ACT.

Classroom sets and individual workbooks are available in our store and directly through the publisher, Ring Publications.

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