General Information

When you enroll on Baton Rouge Prep Camp, you’ll be attending for 6 consecutive Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

At the first session, we will start with an orientation.  Also during this first session you’ll take your first ACT® practice test.

By the second session, we will have used your scores on the ACT practice test to determine exactly what you need help with.  You’ll rotate through a series of classes – English, Reading, Science, Math and Writing – grouped with students who have similar strengths and weaknesses to you.  That means that you get instruction on exactly what you need to learn about, and don’t waste time.

By the end of the camp, you’ll have taken an additional two ACT practice tests and be given a ton of help on all five ACT test subjects.

At the beginning of camp, you’ll be provided with a series of workbooks, one for each ACT test subject.  You’ll need to do a lesson from each of these workbooks each weekday.  Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete.  These workbooks will improve your ability and confidence in reading, English, math, science and writing.

You’ll need to have completed your workbooks by the end of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp in order to graduate, so make sure you are doing a lesson each weekday.

While you’re attending Baton Rouge Prep Camp, you can reach out to a tutor at any time to get assistance with anything that comes up in your workbooks.  All you have to do is fill out our online form.

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