General Information – Baton Rouge Prep Camp

Baton Rouge Prep Camp takes place over the course of 6 consecutive Saturdays.  Click here for the schedule of upcoming Baton Rouge Prep Camps.

Enrollment is limited so that a small student to teacher ratio is maintained at all times.  All applications are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If there is an extenuating circumstance that has prevented early registration, please contact one of our Enrollment Counselors for assistance.

Typically camps run from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Students are expected to bring their own lunches for their lunch break, which occurs around 12:00.


Students are provided with 8 books as part of their enrollment in the camp.

SAT ACT Mastery

In this book, Craig Gehring explains the secrets of how he scored perfect scores on the ACT® and SAT®.  This is not a test prep workbook, but rather an easily readable book that challenges students to re-think how they approach their education and unveils the building blocks of success and mastery in learning.

ACT Mastery Series – Level 1

The ACT Mastery Series – Level 1 consists of five workbooks.  Each workbook takes up a different section of the ACT: Math, Science, English, Reading and Writing.  Each workbook is made up of 25 lessons that take a student approximately 15 minutes per lesson.  Your child is expected to do one lesson per day in each of these workbooks, on the Monday through Friday between each camp session.  By the end of Baton Rouge Prep Camp, all of the workbooks must be completed in order for your child to graduate.

For that reason, your child’s time commitment during this 6-week period is five hours each Saturday and about an hour per day Monday through Friday.

The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Edition

This is a textbook produced by ACT, the company that creates and administers the ACT test.  In it are five practice tests, three of which will be used during the course of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp.  At the end of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp, your child will receive this book to take home so that he or she can continue studies.

Student Dictionary

All students will receive a student dictionary, which is particularly needed to complete the ACT Reading Mastery workbook.


Each subject (Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and English) is taught by a certified teacher, who is assisted by tutors depending on class size.

During the course of the Baton Rouge Prep Camp, your child will receive three practice ACT tests, receive instruction from each teacher on the subjects that your child most needs help with, and get help through any problems they’ve had with the workbooks.  The end result every Baton Rouge Prep Camp instructor is going for is a student who is fully prepared and confident about taking the ACT test.

Each week, students learn a new key test taking technique. They also get customized instruction based on exactly what they need to learn.

The average composite ACT score improvement by the end of the camp is 3 points.

Guarantee: Students who do not make an improvement of at least one point by the end of camp may re-enroll at no fee. There are no administrative fees or other hidden fees attached to this guarantee, and the student also receives personalized instruction to ensure that improvement occurs during the re-do. More than 90% of all students taking the Baton Rouge Prep Camp make significant improvement by the end of the six week program.

Click here for pricing or enrollment application.

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