Information on the ACT® English Test

The ACT® English test consists of 75 questions with a 45 minute time limit.  This translates into students having to answer a question approximately every 36 seconds in order to complete the test in time.

The ACT English test has five different passages that you read.  Each passage has several multiple choice questions associated with it.  You’ll be asked to identify what is the best choice of wording or punctuation for an underlined section of the passage.

A little more than half of the questions on the ACT English test will check your knowledge of grammar, including punctuation and sentence structure.  The remainder of questions test your ability to organize and compose paragraphs and essays.

Here is the breakdown of each subject being tested on the ACT English test and the number of questions per subject:

Punctuation (10 Questions)

Tests for correct use of commas, periods, semicolons, etc.

Grammar and Usage (12 Questions)

Checks your understanding of subject-verb agreement, correct use of pronouns, verb formation, case, etc.

Sentence Structure (18 Questions)

Tests your knowledge of clauses, modifiers, and sentence construction.

Strategy (12 Questions)

Tests how well you can write on a particular topic, including selecting statements that match your audience and purpose, and identifies how well you can judge the effect of adding, revising or omitting material to an essay.

Organization (11 Questions)

Tests how well you can organize ideas in an essay and select appropriate opening, transitional and closing sentences.

Style (12 Questions)

Tests how well you can select appropriate words and imagery, establish and maintain a style and tone, and avoid wordiness and redundancy.

As you can see, about half of the English section tests your ability to write correctly, while the other half tests your ability to write well.

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