About Us

ACT Prep Camp, Inc. was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2012 with the purpose of establishing and running effective ACT prep courses for middle and high school students.

We start with students as early as the 6th grade all the way up to their senior year in high school.

Our philosophy is that every student can master his education, he just needs to be given the time and opportunity to do so.

We use a proprietary curriculum developed by Craig Gehring, who made perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT and authored the book SAT ACT Mastery.

We get results by

  • Tutoring each child as an individual, with specifically assessed needs.
  • Maintaining a small teacher to student ratio by limiting class size.
  • Using only certified teachers.
  • Providing more than double the amount of instruction time compared to other major test prep providers.

ACT Prep Camp Inc. is not in any way affiliated or authorized by ACT, Inc. ACT is a copyright and trademark of ACT, Inc. ACT Prep Camp and the ACT Prep Camp logo are trademarks and service marks of ACT Prep Camp, Inc.

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