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When you’re ready to take your test scores to the next level, it’s time for the Baton Rouge Prep Camp. Our program can help you to take your scores off the charts! With an average ACT® composite score improvement of 3 points in just six weekends, the Baton Rouge Prep Camp is one of the most effective ACT test prep programs in the nation. Our secret? We use the ACT Mastery program developed by Craig Gehring, who made PERFECT SCORES on both the ACT and SAT and who has since helped students improve their test scores time after time.

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Math, English, Reading, Science, Writing

We use ACT Test Prep Certified teachers specially trained in helping you with the ACT test. Instead of trying to cover every test question that could possibly be thrown at you, we’ve conducted a statistical analysis of released ACT tests to hone in on only the information that you need to improve. Every week you learn a key test taking technique and practice on the skills that you most need to master in Math, English, Reading, and Science. As part of the camp, you’ll receive a set of ACT Mastery workbooks that give you all the practice you need to feel confident about your skill level. You’ll also receive a Real ACT Prep Guide (which is issued by the people who create and administer the ACT test) as well as a dictionary and Craig Gehring’s insightful guide, SAT ACT Mastery.

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Boosting your ACT scores takes practice, practice, practice. The ACT measures how well you’ve learned material from years of schooling, so real preparation takes time. Our camp gets you ready by devoting 6 weeks to teaching you each and every one of the principles you need to score well in every section of the test. With multiple full practice tests, small learning groups, and personal attention for lessons tailored precisely to your needs, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident and succeed on the big day. Call 225.295.5670 today to enroll, and get ready to get the scores you deserve!

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